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Dr. Andrew

Introducing Gungahlin's Chiropractor & Founder of ACT Chiropractic Gungahlin;

Dr. Andrew's focus is Family Spinal Health and Wellness and promoting the whole family's health as “A great family who play, pray, live, love and grow together also heal really well together.”

Through intense study and personal practice experience Dr Andrew has founded his purpose as a chiropractor as profound yet simple.

" ... to help you achieve your purpose with health support."

Dr. Andrew has a double degree in Chiropractic science and Clinical Science from RMIT Melbourne University. He has provided chiropractic excellence to families keeping them healthy and strong for over 20 years.

Dr. Andrew is trained in:

Dr. Andrew has unlocked the secrets to faster healing with diligent knowledge of anatomy, neurology and biomechanics ensuring your health and wellness are at the highest level for life-changing clinical experiences.

Dr. Andrew has learnt and practiced among leading chiropractors and wellness experts world wide and had the opportunity to give back by mentoring some chiropractors here in Australia, in Colombia and in Hong Kong.

Dr. Andrew has also had the privilege to care for Olympic athletes Canadian Archer: Rob Rusnov and Australian Cyclist: Lucy Tyler Sharman.

This experience and selection of appropriate chiropractic skills, base of knowledge to individually tailor Chiropractic programs to suit all sorts of injuries and day to day wear and tear that occur on the human body.


Yours in optimal health,

Dr Andrew


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